Miracle league of plymouth grants

Miracle League grants are our only renewable grant as we feel every kid deserves the chance to play baseball.  

Grant requirements:

  1. Need financial assistance to participate in Miracle League of Plymouth Baseball
  2. ​Print and fill out forms linked below and either snail mail to:   

                 Kelly's Kidz

                 48537 Antique Rd

                 Canton, MI 48187

                 or email kellyskidz@sbcglobal.net

** note you will receive email confirmation within 24 hours if you do not please email us to confirm receipt.


      3. Grants MUST be received by March 16th 

          any late registrations will not receive funding.

Registration Packet 2018 Season


The following documents must be filled out and returned by either email or snail mail by MARCH 31, 2018 to apply for a Kelly's Kidz Scholarship. 

The following requirement must be met to apply for a

Kelly's Kidz Scholarship.

1. Must have a physical impairment .

2. Must be enrolled/accepted into some type of continuing education.

The application includes a checklist of all documentation that is required.

Kelly's Kidz Scholarship Application

Marketing Release


driving grant 

MLP player Breanna and announcer Jonathon

Our first Kelly's Kidz Grant recipient, Edward.

Jordan was a Kelly's Kidz Driving Grant recipient.

        The following requirements must be met to be eligible for a Kelly’s Kidz Driving Grant:

  1. Must have a referral into the program from a doctor who manages part of your disability
  2. Must have a physical impairment.
  3. Within six (6) weeks of completion of training hours, family must demonstrate access to equipment and/or modifications outlined in the recommendations from A&A's evaluation OR demonstrate a plan to acquire.

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